Love: Expressed


Reviews and Endorsements:

“Tristan Sherwin has written a smart and beautiful book showing us that Jesus Christ is the love of God expressed as a human life. This is the life we are called to imitate; this life of love is what we are made for.”

Brian Zahnd; Author of Water To Wine and A Farewell To Mars

“Refreshing, authentic, inspiring, and yet practical-Tristan is a breath of fresh air.”

Jeff Lucas; Author, International Speaker, Broadcaster

Love: Expressed is a work of dirt-under-your-fingers spirituality.”

Jonathan Martin; Author of Prototype and the forth-coming How To Survive A Shipwreck

“Sherwin has created Love: Expressed to answer those questions about love. His answers are as simple as they are profound, written in an engaging, conversational style that may make this my favorite book about “theology” this year, perhaps because it is less about theology and more about living one’s faith”

Glynn Young; Writer, Author and Blogger at Faith, Fiction, Friends

About Love: Expressed

To follow Jesus is not a superstitious practice; it shouldn’t be motivated by fear or the loss of control, or pursued as if it’s just another “self-help-therapy” — all of which are just guises for a “help-yourself” lifestyle. We are the product of a real love, and we are called to participate in and reciprocate that love; a “give-yourself” commission.
As such, Love: Expressed explores what it means to live a faith that is an expression and extension of the generous love that God has already shown towards us, while guiding us away from a faith which seeks to extract something from God via our performance.

Back Cover Text

You may be looking at the back of this book, watching as someone else is reading it – a book entitled: Love: Expressed. And you’re thinking, ‘They must have issues.’ So to help them out for a moment:

This isn’t another one of those ‘self-help’ manuals.

This isn’t a book about romance and sex, or feelings and cuddles.

This isn’t a guidebook offering relationship advice, giving tips on how to find ‘love’ and ‘look after’ it.

In those senses, this isn’t even a book about love.

It’s a book about life – every part of it. About how it should be lived, how it should be explored, how it should be expressed. This is a book about meaning, about life’s trajectories. It’s about God. It’s about you. It’s about them.

In that sense, this is all about love. But if I could capture here what I mean by ‘love’ in that sense, I wouldn’t have needed to write a book.

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