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Thanks for taking the time to wander through my internet ramblings. I won’t always be present, due to those commitments in life that I deem more important; but when I can be, I will be.

Contained in here, from time to time, will be some of my sermon notes, random scattered thoughts, dollops of trivial tripe, links to other bloggers, and possibly the odd book extract here and there.

Please note, however, that the views/posts on this site do not necessarily represent the views of the church family I belong too, my wife, my children, my son’s gerbils… or for that matter… even my own concrete opinions. [In addition to this, any links given to other blogs, or any snippets of other people’s work shown, should not necessarily be understood as an endorsement.]

I’m just an explorer of ideas, a thinker, a student; in a nut shell, a pilgrim in this journey of discovering and following Jesus.

About Book Reviews:

As well as the occassional blog, I will post book reviews here.  But I feel it’s important to let you know a few things about this:

  •  Firstly, I am not paid for the book reviews I do, and I only ever review books that I have purchased myself, because I intended to and wanted to read them. Although I do review books, I’m not a reviewer per se. I just think it’s important to share great books with others, and as an author/writer myself, I’ve come know how important/crucial it is to let others know what a book is like. Unless my review says otherwise, the above should always be assumed.
  • Secondly, I don’t always provide a review of what I read, and I endeavour to only post postive reviews (there’s enough negativity out there already!). That doesn’t mean I’ll be biased, but positive and honest. For books I haven’t reviewed here, you can always check my Goodreads.com page for my ratings.
  • Am I open to giving reviews/endorsements for books I’ve not bought? Hey, you can always take a cheeky punt and send me an email via the contact page of this blog. Who knows, I might, if I can fit it in. But life is pretty full with work, ministry, writing, reading/studying and family, so please do not be offended if I decline (which is very likely).

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