Book Review – Accidental Saints: Finding God in all the Wrong People, by Nadia Bolz-Weber

Once more, Nadia Bolz-Weber has penned another brilliant exposé of our wrestling with God. Or, in this case, God’s eternal wrestle of getting us to believe in the power of unconditional love.

Following the liturgical year, Nadia, through a collection of confessional stories full of symbols and struggles, helps us to eye-ball reality as it is to discover a corporeality that is holy ground territory for the divine to manifest its self.

And yeah, Nadia, in her usual style, pulls no punches and cuts no corners when it comes to saying what she thinks in the way she wants to. But even when the language is extremely colourful, it’s honest and raw and real. And I appreciate that. What’s written here is heart and soul shared without the make-up; real life, from behind the scenes. From the humorous to the deeply painful, Accidental Saints is packed full to the brim with paragraphs spilling over with Spirit soaked compassion and hope and redemption.

There’s something about Bolz-Weber’s insights, perspective and experience that always calls me to lean further into the grace and presence of God. A grace and presence which often — as explored in this excerpt of Nadia’s life — exhibits itself through the people around us; regardless of how imperfect we all are.

Thank you for writing this, Nadia. Once again you’ve made my soul crave.

Tristan Sherwin is the author of Love: Expressed – Out Now!

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