The Passionate Non-violence of Christ – Portraits of God Pt 4 (Love: Expressed Extract)

Hosanna — “Save us from thinking we can save the world through violence” #PalmSunday #Easter

Tristan Sherwin

So, I’m currently away at the moment in Latvia, but I still wanted to do a blog post to finish (for the present moment) this series on Portraits of God. And with all of the tension currently building up in the world, I thought this might be a good time to share an extract from my book Love: Expressed… so I hope that this would speak to you.

It’s a known fact, but maybe one we don’t consider often, that the most violent individuals who have ever lived were extremely passionate. Whether that’s dictators of the past, modern nationalistic leaders, terrorists, extremists, religious fanatics… all of them have been zealous people.

Doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

The frightening thing is that when you strip away all their apparent differences, they all share the same ideology – they all believe that the cause they are fighting for…

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