Love: Expressed – Help Wanted

Hello Again!

It’s been roughly three weeks since Love: Expressed was released and I know a few people have asked if there’s any help they can give.

Well… yes, there is.

Firstly, one of the most affective ways in which you can help is to leave a review of Love: Expressed on the following sites;

Of course, this only applies to those who have read, or are reading the book – but these reviews go a long long way in helping others (mainly those who don’t know me) to show an interest in the book.

The review doesn’t need to be a tome; it can be as short as one sentence. Please don’t say anything cheesy. And please be honest; I just want people to speak truthfully about their experience of the book (but go easy on me 😉 ).

Please leave your review on all three of the sites above. This may mean you signing-up to and, but this doesn’t cost anything and it doesn’t require handing over any credit card details etc.

If you can help in this way, then that would be great.

Additionally to this, you can also add any posts/comments to my author page on Facebook.

Secondly, recommend the book to your friends – if you liked it, that is.

Thirdly, please help me to spread the word around by sharing any book posts on Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, Feel free to quote anything you liked in the book on your social media sites – tag me in on the quote, and please hashtag the quote using #LoveExpressed

That’s all for now… I think?

Thanks for all your support, interest and encouragement.




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