Love: Expressed – Spoiler Alert!

Love Expressed Book Board

So, It’s all happening with this thing, and I’m finding it all very surreal indeed. On Friday I was a writer (of sorts) and Monday morning I awoke to discover I was an author.

To be entirely honest, I was surprised to have a work colleague tell me on Monday morning that he’d found me on Amazon.

And from that point, my beautiful other-half placed post on facebook, and … well, here we are.

This said post has caused a ton of questions being asked in my direction, and why I’d thought it best to make a quick post to clarify and respond to a few  things;

Firstly: If you’ve already ordered the book from Amazon (or one of it’s sellers), then do not worry, it will come. The book is available by print on demand via Amazon, which means – if you order it, they will print it and send it to you. So if they say “out of stock”, don’t worry; once you order a copy, it’ll soon say “in stock” instead.

But I need you to know that this is just the beginning of the start; Love: Expressed hasn’t officially been released yet. At the moment it’s only available on Amazon (.com,, .es, .it …), and only in paperback and hardcover editions. But in the weeks that follow it will trickle onto the other main online retailer’s sites, and there is an e-book version coming very soon!

So if you’re waiting to order it through another online retailer, or wanting to be able to walk into a street retailer and order the book through them, then just give it a few more weeks (maybe a month and a little bit). Once I know that the book is available through more outlets, I’ll do a proper release announcement.

Will you be able to buy it off the shelf? – That’s a bit more trickier, and I’m currently working on making some ‘in-roads’ into that (although, my time’s pretty full of more pressing matters at the moment).  However, if you grab the ISBN number off Amazon, within a few weeks, when the book distributors have stock, you should be able to walk into any book shop and ask them to order it in – even if it doesn’t appear on the shelf.

Secondly: Some people have asked me what the book is about. I know this will sound strange, but once I know it’s “out” there proper, I’ll then give you a bit more info.

Thirdly: To some of my work mates – I’m not a love guru. Steph finds that hysterical, by the way.

Fourthly: Thanks for all the great feedback about the book’s cover design. I’m really glad you like it. Some of you have asked what it represents; some have even guessed that it’s shape may carrying some deep hidden meaning.

But no, it’s not Africa, or India – it is just peeling paint. Why? I’m not saying as yet. It’s a metaphor though; one that might become apparent in some of the info I let out in a few weeks.

Finally: If you have bought the book – Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m blown away that you have. You’ll probably own a copy before I do. I hope you enjoy it, and leave a review on Amazon.

Watch this space; more info will follow.

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